Surfin’ Cornwall with Regatta

By April 22, 2014 Lifestyle, Travels


I have the perfect antidote to your post-holiday blues from Easter: a full post on surfing in sunny, yet cold, Cornwall. Forget about “Surfin’ USA”, this is “Surfin’ Cornwall”. Seat down, play and scroll down.

Few weeks ago the outdoors’ clothing brand Regatta took us to a press trip to Cornwall. Being this my first visit to the beautiful British coast, my jaws dropped at my arrival when finding such a espectacular place, next to the sea, in Britain. We were lucky enough to enjoy a sunny weekend and so we headed to the waves, and with this I’ll open the blog posts on the fun trip that spoiled us from the beginning til’ the end.

We had the full surfing experience like proper dudes, with the alarm clock waking us up at 6:00am sharp to hit the waves at early hours in the morning. The Global Borders school picked up up in their cool green van and the experience began. Some of us stood up, others failed, but the fun and the splashes in the freezing water were guaranteed. This is what happened…

These are our happy faces after the surfing session, posing  for  group shot, apres-surfing…

until we realised we actually had to went for the complete surfer pose!


 I’ve never imagined such a beautiful beach just few hours from London. Every British person seem to know this place, and love it. This country doesn’t stop surprising me…


And here the introduction to surfing began… the safety, techniques, tricks and so on…


As it was clearly windy, we listened to the instructor from the inside of the van, as we prepared psychologically to dip in the


So, it was time! Winter wetsuits on (this wasn’t easy!) and out on the waves… For all us being complete beginners, these waves were just perfect to learncornwall-sea-surf



We began to try the waves until we were confident enough to get on the board in our knees and/or feet…surf-cornwall4



Then my first attempt to stand up on the board kind of failed…


but the second time I succeeded…. for five seconds only though, then splash!


But above all, the splashes made it all even more fun and wet…splash1


No one ever went back to land until the full session was over! We tried over and over again on that board! And I can tell that we all enjoyed every minute of it. It was without a doubt an EPIC MORNING! Thank you Regatta and Global Boarders!






More Cornwall with Regatta coming up on the next post…

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Let’s play chess

By April 16, 2014 OUTFITS 1




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By April 10, 2014 OUTFITS 1



There’s nothing like shopping in a private showroom, where you can see things peacefully while enjoying good company and why not, a glass of champagne.

The Wardrobe Room just landed to London as a small project to start with, having great clothes from Italian emerging designers and this outfit is just one of them! Laser cut leather matching pencil skirt and crop top with zipper at back. For more info or to come and visit send an email to to arrange an appointment. You won’t regret it!

I WAS WEARING–> skirt and top: PAOLO ERRICO (via My Wardrobe Room); Stilettos: CHRISTIAN DIOR  Read More

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By April 9, 2014 Beauty


I remember when I started seeing Marc Jacob’s new fragrance Honey everywhere late last year, and it wasn’t until now when I finally tried it -and loved it!

I’m a sweet girl. When it comes to scents I’m “the sweeter the better”, although this slightly changed when I discovered Estee Lauder’sSensous (woody and citric), which became my No.1, however, Burberry’s The Beat will always be on the top of my list, and that one, truly is S.W.E.E.T.

I wanted a slight change for this spring and came across Honey. So far, so good. My daily dose of bees, plus, isn’t the bottle the cutest thing? Marc Jacobs’ fragrances usually come with a very unique bottle design, and this wasn’t the exception. The coolest thing too, is that the campaign #MJHONEYSPOTS got all social media involved, inviting people to share their favourite spots around the world. That’s why my Honey Spot was Stalin’s Tower in Warsaw, where I went recently with my parents… staying at the Warsaw Towers, and having the Palace of Culture and Science (tallest building in Poland) just in front of us, it felt like a good spot for my new fragrance.

Have a sweet day!


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EVERYBODY JUMP! Check out the new design

By April 8, 2014 Inspiration

output_Buh7aS (1)

Alright, I’m listening to the tune Jump of Kriss Kross (listened at the bottom of the post) as I write this post. It’s not any old school, it’s the coolest old school! Thing is when I’m here, seating in front of my computer and thinking only in FashionInsideOut this is the kind of mood that comes to the table. Well, truth is that I’m in one of those stages of life when we all face a career crisis and start thinking if we have fulfilled our dreams, and what should we do next.

I feel a very lucky girl to be working at The Independent newspaper, really lucky. And will also be grateful to that University teacher who motivated me to continue this blog – I LOVE this space too much, and although I’ve decided to continue with both, job and hobby, I thought the blog needed a boost, if not a drastic change to see what happens next! It happened a couple of weeks ago, but I never made t official here. So, tell me! What do you think about the new fresh design? Do you like the slider? The new sections (Out n’ About, Date With Mum, Lifestyle, Travel etc)? Yay or nay? I’m planning to change some other bits and bobs, but here’s the first phase of the new image. What else can I improve for you and what else would you like to see in this space? Tell me all!


Ok, estoy escuchando la cancion Jump de Kriss Kross (escuchala al final del post) mientras escribo este post. No es cualquier #tbt, sino uno muy cool! Es que cuando estoy aqui, en frente de la computadora, pensando solo en FashionInsideOut ese es el humor que viene a la mesa! El caso es que estoy en una de esas etapas de la vida que te pones a pensar sobre tu carrera, lo que has logrado y lo que quieres lograr y cual es el siguiente paso.

Me siento realmente afortunada de poder trabajar en The Independent newspaper aqui en Londres. Y siempre estare agradecida con aquel profesor que me motivo a continuar este blog – me encanta este espacio demasiado! Desde el principio he decidido continuar con los dos, el trabajo y el hobby, pero sentia que al blog le hacia falta un cambio fresco, una nueva cara! Asi que ocurrio hace un par de semanas pero no le habia dedicado un post oficial al nuevo diseno. Que te parece?Te gusta el slider? Las nuevas secciones (Out n’ About, Date With Mum, Lifestyle, Travel etc)? Otro cambios vienen en camino tambien. Pero que crees que podria mejorar? Que quisieras ver mas por aqui? Read More

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By April 5, 2014 OUTFITS 1


I just fell for this varsity jacket when I got it last Christmas, I really haven’t got anything else like this in my wardrobe, and it does gives a different twist to it all. For Vogue Festival I chose to go comfortable first of all, but of course, also to pull it off. This is just one of so many ways to wear the varsity jacket! Btw, I got the hairdo done at the Kerastase space of the Festival, check it out here.

Location: South Bank, London

***español ***

Yo simplemente me enamore de esta chaqueta varsity cuando la recibi en Navidad. Realmente no tengo nada similar en mi closet, y esta le da un toque diferente a todo. Para el Vogue Festival quería ir comoda ante todo, pero por supuesto, tambien quería llevar algo cool, chic. Y esta es solo una manera de la tantas que se puede combinar la varsity jacket. Por cierto, ese peinado me lo hicieron en el stand de Kerastase del Festival, vean el preoceso aquí 

Lugar: South Bank, London

I WAS WEARING–> Varsity jacket: ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE (white sleeves HERE); Jeans & rings: ZARA; Jumper: FOREVER 21; Shirt: UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON; Shoes: NIKE AIR MAX; Handbag: MIU MIU; Lipstick: BOBBI BROWN  Read More

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By April 1, 2014 Events, OUT N' ABOUT, Vogue


Vogue Festival’s 2014 just passed by last weekend, and being my first visit to the event that has been running for two years, I must admit I enjoyed every minute of it. Getting the chance to experience the talk on “fashion, beauty and digital revolution” with Miroslava Duma (someone who I deeply admire), awesome designer Mary Katrantzou, photography legend Nick Knight and Pixie Geldof -all welcomed to the stage by British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman- was just perfect for what we all face everyday in the social media and understanding how all this social media influences the fashion business. Other talks had Valentino, Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss.

Not only that, some fun spaces for girly spoils welcomed fashionistas to shake up their hairstyles at the Kerastase stand, or to geh the nails done at the OPI spot, or even better, get a dramatic make-up by Burberry’s beauty line, all followed by a photobooth – this always is fun!

The best space was taken over Harrods, which with its #HarrodsLive offered a unique experience on its shiny catwalk, which usually would seem pretty scary, but although they took you as their model with a whole production team, they made it FUN, FUN. Anyone, could walk the catwalk.

I went with my mom on mother’s day (in the UK) and it was kind of the perfect date for da sisterhood. I got the coolest hairdo, she got the sexy waves, and we both hit the runway!

I would def come back next year, and hopefully to more talks!
harrpdslive Read More

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