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Dondup travels from Fossombrone to London

By July 21, 2011 Brands, Designers, Events

FashionInsideOut had the amazing pleasure of visiting the new collection’s showroom of  the Italian brand Dondup. With a great cocktail party in London Dondup plans to invade the capital with its unique pieces by top designers Manuela Mariotti for the women’s collection and Kevin James Morley for the men’s collection.

Everything is made locally at the embracing Italian town of Fossombrone and exported to London, where the collection is available at Knightsbridge’s department store Harvey Nichols.

While enjoying the night with great DJs, guests could walk around the room and have a look at the new collection, which with a touch of trashy vintage and a warrior spirit could bring a unique elegant style… Ohhh Italiaaaans… Mamma Mia!!!

The women’s collection is inspired by the American film from 1979,  The Warriors, in which different gangs of sailors, baseball players, moonrunners and  warriors came together to “fight the enemy”, but instead Dondup brings a message of love and friendship rather than hate and war.

Collection's inspiration from "The Warriors" (1979)

So, collections are inspired by six particular gangs: The Sailors, full of white, blue, red and gorgeous blazers; The Romantics brings the 17th Century to the 21st; The Moonrunners gives an innocent touch with floral prints and comfortable fittings; The Baseball, inspired by the popular NY Yankees, features sporty tops and silk blouses; and The Warriors, as the strongest, has elegant pieces and lots of black and grey colours with designs coming purely from Manuela’s heart.

On the other hand, designer Kevin tells us that the men’s collection is called “The Wanderer” and his pieces made with Italian and Japanese fabric bring to life “a guy that travels from place to place, who gets some money to eat and live by playing music and being an artist.

“That guy is my inspiration”, says Kevin.

Check out how this ginger model takes the role of the Wanderer Kevin is inspired by: Look Book – Dondup SS 12 MAN

And believe it or not this afro boy (Kevin James Morley), who makes reference to Bob Marley when spelling his surname, is a South Londoner from Croydan, who has been four years based in Fossombrone fully committed to Dondup. However, although he has been travelling around and living in Italy in the past years, his English spirit is still alive, if you ask him where to go for an afterparty, he will suggest “the pub”.

Meanwhile, top model Andres Velencoso has been the face of the brand for over four years while living between Barcelona and London. This Spanish guy not only caught Kylie Minogue’s attention, but was also in the eyes of the fashionistas at the reception, where with a great mood he agreed to pose for my lens. After some shots trying to get the baseball ball in the air, we finally achieved it and of course, I squeezed in the picture as well.

With Andres Velencoso and Kevin

Top model Andres Velancoso & designer Kevin J Morley

Designer Manuela & Orlando Girmbelli

Women's designer Manuela Maniotti

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Jimmy Choo is now Payless Choo!

By November 17, 2009 Brands, Designers, Events, Vogue

After so many ads and two launching events, including one the 13th November in London (where Vogue took part) Jimmy Choo for H&M is finally open for fashionistas!

Last Saturday 14th November, H&M opened its high-street doors worldwide!

Anxious audiences even slept in tents the night before to be the first ones to enjoy such an anticipated collection of fashion and accessories for men and women.

A 23-year-old boy who was out in London streets early in the morning, said: “It was raining and there were around 20 people, not only girls, but boys in tents at 6:15 a.m. in front of Knightsbridge’s H&M.”

The opening day was quite chaotic in some London popular H&M stores such as in Oxford Street, where more than a hundred of people were queuing.

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Union jack wave: British cool

By November 6, 2009 Bazaar, Brands, Colours, Cosmopolitan, Vogue

More than a patriotic symbol, it is a fashion symbol


"Lust Haves" by Cosmopolitan magazine November 09

People from abroad wear T-shirts with the union jack although they don’t have “pure blood” from the UK, and in fact, this symbol doesn’t mean the same to them as to a proper British or Irish person.

However, for years, the British flag has been a code of fashion.

Today this code is still more than vivid, as top fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan,Bazaar and Vogue show the union jack as part of today’s ruling fashion, giving a focus to how well-known stores and designers keep creating clothes, shoes, bags, wallets and accesories with this so popular flag.

From expensive posh brands as Chanel and Gucci, to mid-market Zara, H&M, Next, Accesorize, River Island, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Anna Lou and even bargain stores such as Primark, sale a variety of union jack products, inspiring the British cool style.

In addition celebrities have made the union jack an established rule of fashion and an indispensable symbol in every wardrobe. Every Hollywood event has the union jacket colours on one or more guests.

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