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ASPEN FASHION WEEK: Meet Pilar Tarrau’s Western collection

By March 11, 2014 Designers, Interviews

pilar5Did you know there was an Aspen Fashion Week? Well, it was a surprise for me. Located right in the heart of Colorado, this event caught my attention, as what exactly its collections look like? I expect lots of outdoor outfits, of course, as well as leather, furs, fringes, big boots and a wild west breeze.

The rocky mountains of Colorado have been my skiing destination for years now (Vail, specifically) and finding out that it’s about to host the presentation of uprising fashion designers makes me want to just find an excuse to get on a plane and fly to the slopes (I wish).

But the best news of this all is that a new Venezuelan designer debuts her first accessories collection at the fashion week this year and that’s enough reason for me to present an emerging talent from my home country. I’ve known her for decades,  I’d like to introduce you to Pilar Tarrau, an utterly stylish Latin woman based in Miami. Her life under the sun, next to the beach and her steps full of energy are reflected when she speaks with such excitement about her handbag and jewellery designs. Her logo is a bull, do I have to say more?  Read More

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Interview: Fashion Psychology

By July 4, 2013 Interviews

Did you know about fashion psychology and the influence that Freud’s social science has in the industry? Well, like every business, clothing brands must relate to the personalities and minds of their clients to understand what their demands are.

It is a fact that every person is affected by this relationship, from our early days at school. The way we dress expresses and reveals so much of who we are, it projects our personalities and moods. Personally, my moods influence immensely my outfits, and you as my readers know how, together with the weather, they both play a big part in the game… However, not very often we come across these thoughts. So today I bring you a new video interview with Kate Nightingale, founder of Style Psychology. Based in London, Kate is able to help brands sell their products and apparently, she ‘reads our minds’ to help us project our potential by the way we dress. What a better way of understanding the relationship between fashion and this science than talking with the expert? She tells us how she advices fashion labels and individual people on how to achieve success through the outfits.

Watch the interview below and let me know what you think! Enjoy…


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Adriana Gerbasi: A new footwear designer

By August 21, 2012 Interviews

Let me introduce you a new footwear designer full of energy and creativity: Adriana Gerbasi. A Venezuelan lady with Italian blood, who after finishing her fashion degree at Milan’s Marangoni ends up in London triggering her passion for footwear.

She recently finished designing her first collection called ‘Mujeres de Maiz’ (Corn Women) and made a pair of tan leather, wood and corn leaves wedges to represent the main concept of her lovely, creative and I would call, commercial collection, which is comprised of 28 pair of shoes.

Her inspiration goes back to Venezuela in 1960, a time when women had to spend hours working in the kitchen to produce the typical artisan corn bread, until a product arrived and changed the country’s history.

This is how she describes ‘Mujeres the Maiz’: “An old corn flour factory serves as inspiration for my shoe’s collection. The encounter between tradition and industrialization is the starting point. Different wasted materials from the factory are merged together to create unique structures. Wedges, heels and soles divided in layers, embedded with old screws, covered with corn leafs and metallic sheets. The upper parts remain minimal to create balance. Neutral tones for the cut off leather that highlights the artisan sensibility of the shoe.”

But better check out my meeting with this rising shoe designer… Meet her, the result of her collection, and me wearing her design!

[videofyme id="602787" width="500" height="320" class="aligncenter"]


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EXCLUSIVE interview with Lady Gaga’s choice designer Liz Black

By April 14, 2012 Designers, Interviews

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting Liz Black‘s studio in London, and I must admit I left pretty much impressed. I knew little about this Venezuelan-born designer, but I did know that Lady Gaga wore one of her coolest designs. From that visit, I not only bring you her fabulous Superheroine AW12, but also the the strong woman behind those designs. As she graduated, she created her own label to let the freedom of her creativity sparkle. Black graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 and her graduation collection couldn’t get a better feedback than being Lady Gaga’s choice, who not only wore one of her black & white smoking-like dresses, but also asked for more as she got three pieces to wear in a music video.

Now Black has been called a ‘Vogue talent’ by Vogue Italia and was a semi-finalist for the fashion Fringe awards 2011. As I show you the amazing afternoon I spent with the designer at her studio trying perfect pieces and looking at her collections, I interviewed her, so let’s Liz give us a flavour of the elegant, minimal and aesthetic label that has taken her to an upper level in the fashion industry.


Read More

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Exclusive interview with men’s designer Martine Rose

By November 25, 2011 Interviews
Martine 1

For the first time I have brought something big for boys, and what a better post than an interview with London-based men’s designer Martine Rose. This top designer has done plenty collaborations, have designed for Topman and have hit London Fashion Weeks and catwalks with her unique collections.

She reveals her personality at her showroom and says all about her current Autumn/Winter 11 collection of layers and her Californian Spring/Summer 12. Martine even tells us that her dad dares to wear her designs. What a privilege! Enjoy…

Read More

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Interview with Elite model Samara Fagan

By October 5, 2011 Interviews
Samara Fagan for FashionInsideOut

MODEL: Samara Fagan

We are getting a flavour of how it is like to be a model in the difficult fashion business. And for that, we have got 19-year-old Elite model Samara Fagan, who had a big change in her life since moving to London four years ago. She began in Elite by entering a competition and has now a contract with this top models agency, plus a busy schedule. You might see this Australian-born girl on campaigns of high street fashion brands such as Wallis and in Fashion Weeks hitting the catwalk of amazing designers such as Jena Theo and Bora Aksu, with whom she has travelled around the world to showcase his collections. Samara shares with FashionInsideOut her experiences, healthy diet, secrets and even her kind of guy! Enjoy…



ELITE portfolio: Samara Fagan

Read More

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Interview with jewelry designer Sam Ubhi

By September 27, 2011 Interviews

Last London Fashion Weekend I was sniffing around the Somerset House’s tent when I stepped by Sam Ubhi’s collection for the first time. I loved the leather and fringe clutches as well as the rings (I’m ‘ringholic’). She has a very unique style full of silver, colourful stones and casual leather.

I was too curious to met the face behind those creations and as soon as I launched the Interviews page, I thought of having London-based jewelry designer, Sam Ubhi, as one of my first guests, so let’s welcome her!

Find out a bit about her brand, inspirations and how much she travels to import the materials for her designs.

Check out her newly refurbished shop:

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