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New in: DKNY emerald green beauty

By March 24, 2013 NEW IN

There’s something about green. I decided it was my definite favourite colour from the palette when I was about 15. However, fashion wise it’s more suitable during sunny seasons and bright sunshines, reason why for the upcoming season I’ll welcome the Patone’s colour of the year with this DKNY absolute beauty. I love the chains that Chanel made so trendy and classy, and the perfect shape sealed with a zipper. I look at it and immediately gives me positive energy, positive thinking, that’s what green is all about: hope, life, nature, hamony, lush, elegance and beauty. What a combination of all good. I can’t imagine a better way to welcome summer when it arrives.

dkny handbag1

dkny handbag2

dkny handbag3

dkny handbag5

dkny handbag4

dkny handbag6

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DIY earrings

By March 23, 2013 NEW IN

Yesterday I had some fun with my friend Valentina making the earrings that she’s an expert with. I was learning how she made them and chose a combination to make mines, with the clover shape in the centre, a hearted stud and classic colours that will match with everything and would work in different occasions, this was the result! Ready to wear them day and night…Next ones will be more colourful.

What  do you think about these delicate and beautiful designs?


Ayer me divertí con mi amiga Valentina haciendo zarcillos que ella es una experta. Aprendí como los hace y seleccioné los colores y piezas para realizar unos para mi, con forma de trebol en el medio, tachón  de corazón y colores clasicos y delicados que combinan con todo y los puedo llevar en diferentes ocasiones; éste fue el resultado. Estoy lista para usarlos de dia y de noche… los próximos serán más coloridos.

¿Qué tal te parecen este delicado y bello diseño?











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Sneakers, trainers or tennis… Here’s a 10 best!

By March 20, 2013 Inspiration, NEW IN

Sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, whatever you call them the trend of sporty, fun and comfy shoes has been on for a while. Shiny designs of gold, silver and metallic; brights and neon; studded Converse; animal print; high-tops and the controversial heeled sneakers, whichever the choice we owe a big thank you to this trend which embraces our feet comfortably during any season.

The high-tops (very Adidas) were probably related to rappers and basketball players, but now you see the coolest looks pimped with a pair of these, Cara Delevigne, for example, is always caught wearing them. Now you can find the coolest and craziest designs, just like the one I chose above.

Moving onto the trainers with wedges, it’s been a controversial trend, as much loved as hated. It took me a long time to get along with it and as soon as I shared my pair of suede Ash in prune the response was black or white, and lots of ‘I never pictured you on these’… I did like them!

Shiny and metallics have always been in my wardrobe, I have something for them, same with animal prints. My Converse history include silver, gold and leopard, now the classic Superga offer these too.

The studs’ euphoria is calming down, I didn’t feel annoyed by the punk rock wave though, reason why I still find the studded Converse actually really cool. However, you won’t find them at their shop, instead search at another online stores of DIY garments such as Urban Eclectics.

And of course, can’t forget the amazing website of Nike, where you can customize your pair of neon Nike! I made it all in one bright lime shade.

And you? which sporty style are you?

sneakers2Clockwise from top left:

Centre: Adidas, Jeremy Scott’s wing



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Jane Carr silk headband

By March 15, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

Back to headbands with this colourful silk Jane Carr… Of course you can be creative with it and wear it many ways. This time, I took it to the beach and wore it in two different ways (hair up, hair down)… Butterflies, geometry and abstract print is part of Carr’s label, simply fun silk.

beach headband jane carr

beach headband3

beach headband9


beach headband1.1

beach headband1.2

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Back in the paradise of Los Roques

By March 13, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

I’m incredibly lucky to be back in the Venezuelan paradise of Los Roques. Coming to Venezuela for a short break was the perfect excuse to visit my favourite place in the world and the most amazing beach destination. I’m not a big fan of showing the bellybutton, not even when its back in fashion, but I must admit sometimes I like how it looks and the beach was the perfect excuse to wear this top with the delicate tale… Just get prepared to get a bit of the sun through FashionInsideOut. The Internet here is incredibly slow, but I will be soon sharing all the snaps of this unique escape.

I was wearing–> Top and shorts: H&M; sunglasses: Oakley

roques black1

roques black2

roques back1

rques black3

roques back view

roques love


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Behind the hairdo ‘Medusa’

By March 11, 2013 NEW IN

Alright, if there’s something I’m not great at is hairdos and braids… Reason why I get excited when I find new ways of doing different hairstyles myself just like with this headband. Now, I wanted to show you a bit of how a hairstyle made of a bun and braids, reason why a friend named it ‘Medusa’. I can’t say I did it myself, but if you got the great ability here’s the quick behind the scenes of my hairdo as a bridesmaid.

I’m off to the beach now, so see you at the sun!…






weddinglook hair

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Brogue Pippa handbag

By March 7, 2013 NEW IN

The Modalu brogue Pippa handbag from the spring/summer collection was my perfect friend during London Fashion Week. I could fit in so many things, check out what I had inside.

modalu pippa

modalu pippa inside

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