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Jane Carr silk headband

By March 15, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

Back to headbands with this colourful silk Jane Carr… Of course you can be creative with it and wear it many ways. This time, I took it to the beach and wore it in two different ways (hair up, hair down)… Butterflies, geometry and abstract print is part of Carr’s label, simply fun silk.

beach headband jane carr

beach headband3

beach headband9


beach headband1.1

beach headband1.2

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Back in the paradise of Los Roques

By March 13, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

I’m incredibly lucky to be back in the Venezuelan paradise of Los Roques. Coming to Venezuela for a short break was the perfect excuse to visit my favourite place in the world and the most amazing beach destination. I’m not a big fan of showing the bellybutton, not even when its back in fashion, but I must admit sometimes I like how it looks and the beach was the perfect excuse to wear this top with the delicate tale… Just get prepared to get a bit of the sun through FashionInsideOut. The Internet here is incredibly slow, but I will be soon sharing all the snaps of this unique escape.

I was wearing–> Top and shorts: H&M; sunglasses: Oakley

roques black1

roques black2

roques back1

rques black3

roques back view

roques love


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Behind the hairdo ‘Medusa’

By March 11, 2013 NEW IN

Alright, if there’s something I’m not great at is hairdos and braids… Reason why I get excited when I find new ways of doing different hairstyles myself just like with this headband. Now, I wanted to show you a bit of how a hairstyle made of a bun and braids, reason why a friend named it ‘Medusa’. I can’t say I did it myself, but if you got the great ability here’s the quick behind the scenes of my hairdo as a bridesmaid.

I’m off to the beach now, so see you at the sun!…






weddinglook hair

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Brogue Pippa handbag

By March 7, 2013 NEW IN

The Modalu brogue Pippa handbag from the spring/summer collection was my perfect friend during London Fashion Week. I could fit in so many things, check out what I had inside.

modalu pippa

modalu pippa inside

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10 Best fashion apps

By March 5, 2013 NEW IN, Uncategorized

I have put together 10 fashion apps, not in order to a number 1 best, but including a variety of apps for shopping addicts, bargain hunters and all fashion lovers! From creating outfits to designing your shoes… I wrote it for the Independent and i newspapers. See below the page and the full feature HERE!
Which app have you got in your pocket?



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Create your own designs with Whoy

By March 4, 2013 NEW IN

Now you can be part of your very own street-style with Whoy! Let me introduce you to a new exciting concept that allows you to shop, design, pre-buy and vote for your favourite shirts and leggings that have been submitted by its cool community. I thought it was a perfect concept for simple, yet unique items in your wardrobe. How much do we use the white shirt? It goes with absolutely everything, every style, but sometimes I find that the cool ones, with designs, end up being in lots of other people’s wardrobes too, but in Whoy’s platform you can get hold of different designs, and even better, create your own design. So, why not? It’s so easy! I have created my profile and had a go with my logo and a couple of other amazing photos from the latest fashion shows… Have a look at my Whoy profile HERE! What do you think?¬†Show off your creativity, get votes and have it made. What’s your street-style?

fio shirt2

fio shirt

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Home page dances the Harlem Shake!

By March 1, 2013 NEW IN

Fashion Inside Out dances the Harlem Shake! I must say that I don’t understand how this dance has gone so viral, but can’t deny I had a laugh when I saw all my home page going crazy with the Harlem Shake 30 seconds tune.

Get the bookmark and try it on any website if you got free time.

Shake it!.. Happy Friday! #FF to you all!

Follow me on Twitter: @LindaSharkey; Instagram: @fashioninsideout

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