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Mint Velvet: Relaxed glamour in leather

By January 31, 2013 Designers, NEW IN, Uncategorized

I don’t know if you have heard about the brand Mint Velvet, which is all about ‘relaxed glamour’, taking the current trends and relaxing them. When I go around shopping their stockists at department stores I always spot the brand and have got few pieces from them in my wardrobe, even my favourite black leather jacket, which quite represents the brand with the relaxed sleeve hanguing in the front of the jacket.

Now I spotted a similiar one to mine in the current collection but in a beige colour.

And here are the looks with the Mint Velvet I have in my wardrobe…

Leather jacket:


Layered dress,left, and white blouse, right


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Under the winter hats

By January 29, 2013 NEW IN

These have been the hats that you have seen here during winter… So, what’s your favourite? Classic lady with the prune colour big hat or cool girl under the beanies and pompoms?

I think I’ve been so into beanies this season. But still love them all.


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Instagram diary of the week

By January 27, 2013 NEW IN

My week on Instagram. A bit of London in pictures. Now, enjoy the Sunday before a new exciting week tomorrow!





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Proenza Schoulder iPad case

By January 26, 2013 NEW IN

This is my brand new iPad case from Proenza Schoulder for Neiman Marcus. How cool is it? Thanks mom for this gift! And you? How do you dress your gadgets?

ipad2 proenza

ipad4 proenza

ipad3 proenza

ipad proenza1

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And more snow…

By January 21, 2013 NEW IN

Heavy snow is not all bad news of travel disruptions, dangerous roads or flights cancelled. It can also be something different in your hometown. Coming within lots of fun and certainly a short flight back to childhood, building snowmen, sliding down hills and fighting with snowballs. So let’s embrace it while it lasts, on my end (London) the white blanket comes for a short time! Keep warm and wear the puffy clothes that you wouldn’t wear everyday, just like this duvet jacket of mine from Eddie Bauer. You got the perfect excuse. Oh and the Hunter Boots are perfect if you don’t want to ruin any other boots and the red socks keep my feet warm! … Happy Monday everyone!


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Let is snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…

By January 19, 2013 NEW IN

The heavy snow hit the UK yesterday and I must say how much I loved to see London covered in white! Here are some of the pics from a mini break I took at work. It looks like more snow is in its way, so keep warm and enjoy!
















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Chocolate fashion show… what? really?

By January 18, 2013 NEW IN

I really don’t know what to say about this, or shouldn’t even be sharing it, but thought this show in Shanghai was quite surprising. But a chocolate fashion show? Really…?

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