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Ibiza Part 1: Formentera

By August 11, 2014 Travels


Hellou people!! It’s been a long while and how much I’ve missed this spot…

But it’s all been for a good reason; I’ve been working very hard on The Independent’s fashion page and I invite you all to visit (do tell me what you think!). I’m really enjoying it and long working hours have left me limited time to share the love in here. However, I won’t disappear and I will stay around for weekly content and catch ups! I might be sharing updates of the best articles we covered on The Indy online over the week! How does that sound?

In the meantime, I have some nice shots tu share from a place I recently fell in love with… Ibiza! Last week I came back from a very very short, but greeeat holiday. Formentera stole my heart and I just can’t wait to go back. This first post is packed with the day that kicked off a much needed girls trip to the Spanish island. We rented a private boat to get to the prettiest beaches far from Ibiza and so we head to Formentera and its surroundings. And wow! What a voyage to a magical world it was.It’s surrounded by what they call “calas” which means creeks. Imagine hidden places surrounded by big rocks and some green. Hues of blue and turquoise water. Stunning…

And yes, I was there on the week that felt the whole world was there (when all celebs went to Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci’s star-studded party). I even got to see Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. More on that later.

I hope I can transport you to the beach with this stunning place. Have a lovely Monday!

I was wearing–> Bikini top and cover: H&M/ Hat: THE KOOPLES / Sunglasses: RAY BANformentera7





Flavia Ibiza jump on Make A Gif

Linda jump on Make A Gif



formentera-ibiza1 Flavia’s bikini: ZARA/ Sunglasses: CARTIER VINTAGE












The day finished with a walk around Ibiza Town and a paella at a fittingly restaurant called Formentera…




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Los Roques: It’s a wrap!

By March 21, 2013 Travels

FashionInsideOut goes to Los Roques…

If it was for me I could keep posting countless photos of the paradisiac world of Los Roques after visiting it for few days. But there’s also much more beside the travelling and showing you this incredibly virgin archipelago, therefore I have put together a full post with a mix of all the photos I took during my recent visit and wrapped it up.

Snorkelling seeing all the beautiful corals and fishes, visiting the turtles’ reserve, fishing and eating fresh fish, swimming with the starfishes, writing on the white sand, sharing quality time with special people and simply having an absolutely relaxed time at the quiet beach with the sound of the chill waves. That was Los Roques again!

Now, you may ask (although I’ve mentioned it before) where and how to get there? Well, it is an archipelago located in my hometown, Venezuela. You can get there just by small planes from Caracas and other cities, which you can find in different companies (eg. Aerotuy). Once you arrive to Gran Roque, the landing town, you go to your accommodation, better known as ‘posadas’. You can find a wide variety of these house/hotels and I could recommend two or three, but one that I like for their lovely service, outstanding delicious food and warm welcome is Guaripete. When you have your swimsuit on you then jump on a boat and begin your experience. I invite you to add it to your holiday list, I can guarantee you won’t regret!

















roques turtles





beach white12

beach white 1.3

roques faro3

roques faro2

roques faro

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Jane Carr silk headband

By March 15, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

Back to headbands with this colourful silk Jane Carr… Of course you can be creative with it and wear it many ways. This time, I took it to the beach and wore it in two different ways (hair up, hair down)… Butterflies, geometry and abstract print is part of Carr’s label, simply fun silk.

beach headband jane carr

beach headband3

beach headband9


beach headband1.1

beach headband1.2

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Turquoise waters and white sand

By March 14, 2013 OUTFITS 1

Day 2 at Los Roques, specifically in a majestic land called Cayo de Agua. No words. I think these photos and the stunning background say it all. I would say I matched this dress with the white sand…. It was my mom’s and it was the perfect time to wear it in paradise! Also the first time I wear this lovely pair of Gucci vintage sunglasses, that were an amazing present from one of my special readers… The blue and green touch was the perfect match with the turquoise waters.

Dress: My mom; Sunglasses: Gucci

beach white0

beach white4

beach white12

beach white13

beach white5

beach white2

beach white7

beach white9 beach white10

beach white 1.1

beach white 1.3

beach white 1.4

beach white14

beach white11

beach white15

beach white3

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Back in the paradise of Los Roques

By March 13, 2013 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

I’m incredibly lucky to be back in the Venezuelan paradise of Los Roques. Coming to Venezuela for a short break was the perfect excuse to visit my favourite place in the world and the most amazing beach destination. I’m not a big fan of showing the bellybutton, not even when its back in fashion, but I must admit sometimes I like how it looks and the beach was the perfect excuse to wear this top with the delicate tale… Just get prepared to get a bit of the sun through FashionInsideOut. The Internet here is incredibly slow, but I will be soon sharing all the snaps of this unique escape.

I was wearing–> Top and shorts: H&M; sunglasses: Oakley

roques black1

roques black2

roques back1

rques black3

roques back view

roques love


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Priceless sunsets

By May 16, 2012 NEW IN, OUTFITS 1

I believe that for almost everyone the sunset is one of nature’s most beautiful thing to see, from wherever you are. But being able to see the sun disappearing below the horizon at the beach is pretty much priceless don’t you think? Here two of my sunsets at Agadir. Have a lovely day!!!

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Right now: A bientot Morocco!

By May 12, 2012 Uncategorized

This is the first time I post from my iPhone with this convenient WordPress app! And not to miss that it’s also the first time I post from the beach with my feet touching the sand and listening to the sound of the waves at the back… But not to get too excited because I’m about to leave this place in about two hours! Now, that is sad after four lovely days in Agadir, Morocco. It will be a bit shocking to get back to cold London! But before that why not share my very last views of the sun right now! Just to light your weekend…

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