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By January 7, 2014 Beauty


Hello 2014!

Start the year by spoiling your face. With all the detox, comes the rehab of our pretty faces. Truth is that prevention is better than cure, and ageing, ladies, is a matter of fact. It. is.happening. But protecting our face day and night before ageing, is way better – and cheaper – than trying to erase lines once they have appeared. We can’t stop the wrinkles, but we can slow them down.

Serums are the must-have in your beauty corner, the wonder stuff. They are easily absorbed and get to work fast. So, for the first post of 2014 I’ve decided to share with you how I take care of my skin everyday (following my yummy mummy’s tips).

To start with I must admit, I, like my mom, am a big fan of Estee Lauder. Here are some awesome products to kiss your skin.

NIGHT: The skin NEVER sleeps, it RENEWS. According to dermatological studies, the skin (face and body) repairs itself at night and protects itself at day (I just learned this is called Catabolysis). So, basically synchronising yourself with your skin’s clock is vital. I started using Estee Lauder’s best-seller Advanced Night Repair when I turned 25, together with the eye cream. They both do lift and firm my skin. And although I might not see a huge difference now, my skin will thank me in few years time. Tip: Do hunt the offers, they cream sets and little gifts, every beauty retailer have different deals. You could either find the set box of both the face and eyewear (always in Duty Free), or the face with a travel size cream.

DAY: It’s extremely important to wear moisturiser on your face EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. I’d say it’s even more important than the night serum. There are plenty of good hydrating creams, but I go for Estee Lauder’s DayWear for All Skin types. What I like the most from it is its SPF 25 protection. It’s a very light layer of protection for first signs of ageing. So it’s the first step on your mid-20s.

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Looking at modern Marilyns as Marilyn Monroe is named the new face of Chanel No.5

By October 18, 2013 Inspiration

You might be aware of who’s the new face of Chanel No.5… Yes, the one and only Marilyn Monroe. The fashion and beauty house recently discovered a recording from 1960 of an interview that the then editor of Marie Claire magazine did to Marilyn, in which she talks about the classic fragrance and reveals it was the only thing she wore to sleep.

As the screen princess will appear in the new print and TV campaigns, I ‘ve put a gallery together for The Independent of moden Marilyns -those celebrities from the 21st century that have tried to followe her iconic style of blond curls and red lipstick. But, reality is there’s only one Marilyn. Check out the full story and gallery HERE!

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Nails by Orly at Jean-Pierre Braganza show

By September 19, 2013 Beauty, Designers, LFW

Check out the nails art at Jean-Pierre Braganza SS14 fashion show and find out how to do them yourself. So easy.

Just  apply a neutral base, in this case the beauty team backstage used Orly Lacquer Powder Puff. Then black crescents were painted in one side of the nails using Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black to create a ‘drop shadow’ effect. The nails were then finished with a quick-dry topcoat for the high-shine look. It matched perfect with his show and asymmetric collection that exposes a woman’s ladylike side and dark side. Voilà!


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Make up decisions

By September 6, 2013 Beauty, NEW IN

Shiseido v Chanel - Finding the right make up for you is every woman’s challenge. Just like I once said about appropriate mascaras. However, base and foundation are key to let our skin glow, be protected and look perfect, yet natural. That’s why I’ve always used Shiseido Suncare Compact Foundation, not only because the effect it gives to my face, but also, and most importantly, because it has SPF30 protection.

I love doing my make-up shopping at the airport before boarding but unfortunately Shiseido has left most of the Duty Frees I’ve been to. So I came across this Chanel matifying compact powder foundation and after giving it a long thought I decided to give it a try. It has half the protection (SPF 15) of Shiseido, a very similar matte and natural effect on my skin. I’m not cheating on Shiseido, but facing the circumstances and following suggestions from some beauty experts, I’m trying Chanel’s Double Perfection Lumiere. So far, so good, but I feel I will come back to Shiseido at some point. Which foundation do you use? Any suggestions?



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Editorial: Eyelashes

By June 5, 2013 NEW IN

We women know the role that our eyelashes play in the search of the perfect make up and that we all have different types, reason why beauty brands keep putting in a massively wide variety of products in the market. Well, saying this, during my visit to Venezuela a couple of months ago I was honoured to be featured on an eyelashes editorial for ‘Estética y Salud’ magazine, in an article that gives great tips on which mascara to use according to yours lashes and how to apply it.

I remember that since I started wearing make up, my lashes have played that key role, but it has taken me a while to find the right way to do them, and to be honest, I might still be in the process. My eyelashes are truly long but they are naturally not curly, so I do have my tricks with curlers and mascaras. I, of course, identified myself so much with this feature and did enjoy the shoot with the talented photographers of BonShot.

Have a look at the final result on the published pages and some extra pics from the shoot below…


Nosotras las mujeres sabemos el papel que juegan nuestras pestañas en la búsqueda del maquillaje perfecto y que todas tenemos diferentes tipos, razón por la cual tanta variedad en los productos de belleza siguen saliendo al mercado. Bueno y con esto les cuento que durante mi visita a Venezuela hace ya un par de meses tuve el honor de ser parte de un editorial de la revista ‘Estética y Salud’, en un artículo súper cool e informativo que ofrece excelentes tips sobre cuál rímel utilizar y cómo.

Recuerdo que desde que empecé a utilizar maquillaje, mis pestañas siempre han sido clave, pero me ha tomado tiempo conseguir los mejores productos para ellas, y sinceramente, quizás aun siga en la búsqueda del más indicado. Mis pestañas son realmente largas, pero naturalmente, no son curvas, así que tengo mis trucos con el rizador y mis rimel favoritos. Por supuesto, me identifiqué con este artículo totalmente, así que disfrute mucho el photoshoot con las talentosas fotógrafas de BonShot.

Aquí puedes ver los resultados y unas otras foticos…






Magazine/Revista: Estetica y Salud

Photography: BonShot

And while BonShot was shooting… beauty shoot


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Beauty break at Somerset

By September 17, 2012 NEW IN

I got a short break today and had a bit of a casual makeover with the MAC team and Tony & Guy at Somerset House.
Regardirg the make up, I usually wear natural or smokey eyes, but this time they added a bit of bright colours on the eye over the smokey style. And … How much I love braids, but I don’t have the skills to do the cool ones around the head or fish tails. So, I asked for anything with a braid and this was the first outcome. According to the stylist it’s a braid with a vintage twist. How do you like it?


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My Wardrobe and Maiden Voyage events

By May 26, 2012 Events

Hello weekend!!! And just before enjoying the fabulous sunshine, I share with you, as promised, the two events I went to on Thursday. I first went to a networking event for women hosted by Maiden Voyage and Maserati at the Met Bar, where I had a great time with new and old faces, tried chocolate cocktails (not my favourite), learnt about Maserati and top beauty tips when travelling.

I then ran to My-Wardrobe’s event at the St. Pancras hotel, which after years of restoration looks traditionally majestic, very classic and high class with lots of red, gold, high ceilings, long hallways and stairs. It took place at the Royal Suite, which has an artistic pop modern picture of the Queen and where they showcased their best S/S12 pieces from their best designers, as well as the beauty products you can usually shop at My-Wardrobe, I even got a little Kerastase present from James, who kindly suggested I should use it to turn my hair healthier looking, so thanks for the tips! I spotted a really cool pair of J Brand jeans and gorgeous clutches. Enjoy the photos of the events and the video when I was in the cab/taxi going from one event to another (I even started showing what was inside my goodie bag). My full outfit here!

Have a lovely sunny weekend!


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