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Picture of the day: A garden in hell

By May 21, 2012 NEW IN

When I went to the Design Museum last week I also spotted this piece from Mary Katrantzou’s A/W11 displayed at the gallery. Curious enough about it I found out it is informed by ‘objets d’art’ collected by wealthy women, with the inspiration of this garment coming from the forms and patterns of 18th century  Chinese Qianlong dynasty ceramics and porcelain. These highly intricate textiles were re-shaped for a woman’s form, including a constructed underskirt that creates a strong silouhette. The materials used are hammered silk and cotton printed fabric, helping achieve the mix of senses that Katrantzou aimed. She imagined herself entering the famed  New York apartment of former American Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, decorated like ‘a garden in hell’. So do you imagine hell like this print?


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Outfit of the day: The knit dress

By May 20, 2012 OUTFITS 1

Where is Spring?!!! I am back to tights and knitwear. Yes, I am still waiting for the high temperatures.

Last Friday I had a lovely meeting with the Missoni team, who revealed to me that there’s an online shop coming up in the UK!!! We had a lovely lunch, so thanks guys! I later went to the Christian Louboutin exhibition, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I took the opportunity of being around Tower Bridge to show you my outfit of the day, which worked perfect for the long day, yet not warm enough. So this is the first time I wear that knit dress with those sexy shoulders and worked so well with that necklace, which ended up matching and having a nice contrast with the stone of my ring – a present from my granny back in Venezuela, same with that tiger golden bracelet from my another granny! I wish they would have an interest in coming online, but none of them know how to turn a computer on! At least I can still share it all with you right? Have a lovely lazy Sunday!!! [Click MORE to see more photos!!!]

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‘Designing shoes is a magician work’ Louboutin

By May 19, 2012 Designers

I don’t know exactly what is it but there’s something magical about Christian Louboutin’s shoes, although it might sound cheesy.

We all girls love those red soles and feel so hot and stylish on them, you know it. And I just fell for those sexy spikes on his designs! I didn’t have the time to visit his exhibition, which celebrates Louboutin’s 20 years, at the design museum before, so I finally did yesterday and if you are in London do try to come around. Also, learnt a bit more about his background – did you know he was also a garden designer?
I leave you with one of his quotes displayed on a wall at the exhibition: “There’s always something to see, including in places where you don’t expect to find anything.”


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