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By January 10, 2014 Inspiration


The beauty of high street fashion is that sometimes it does saves us some good bucks.

For a long time I’ve been in the hunt for the Sandro Atlanta boots and although they are worth few hundreds (£, €, $) I didn’t manage to find a pair available anywhere. I had/have a crush on the silver chain, the shape, the details of the ankle strap and the opened sides.

Later, I spotted a very similar pair, but with a golden chain and without straps at the friendlier price tag of £160. I liked them, I wanted them. However, my very common size 37 is out of stock on every single retailer. Bummer! But, to my surprise, the never-disappointing Zara designed a very similar pair of ankle boots for its new collection. They have two straps on the ankle and the silver chain, like those Sandro boots. The best of all is their even more wallet-friendly price tag of £80. This is a b.a.r.g.a.i.n, comparing to the few hundred (ouch!) I first had on mind. They might not be temptingly cheap for a Zara pair of shoes, but  in this case, they are. They won’t have the same quality, cut or shape of the Sandro boots, but they seem to be a nice pair of leather boots that will certainly be a good/low investment. Plus, they do look different and I like that. If I’m not getting the Sandro ones, I don’t want the exact copycat, but a similar one.

If you fancy the Sandro or the Kurt Geiger options go and try your size, they still have some available!

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Going warm with Wildfox

By October 10, 2013 OUTFITS 1

It is all about jumpers right now, and as the weather gets chilli let’s go for those cozy tops. This time is Im not wearing, my big lover, leopard print, but a leopard big face right on my chest. Other than this Wildfox one, designer jumpers are the latest must-have… I will put some of my favourite one for you in the next post!

I was wearing–> Jumper: Wildfox; Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; Handbag: Louis Vuitton; Ring: The Branch







wildfox jumper






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Jean-Pierre Braganza SS14 (backstage)

By September 18, 2013 Events, Inspiration, LFW

Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Spring/Summer 14 collection comes with something new, something unusual, more ladylike. “The main inspiration was chapters of a female’s life… her beauty, her love for life and her darkside. I wanted to express her beauty for once. I didn’t want to use florals, but it’s impossible not to use flowers,” Jean-Pierre told me backstage after the show.

His intention is expressed through the colour palette used in the collection, which includes black, white, red and pink in a mix of abstract and all-loral prints. “Pink… Me pink? But yes, it’s a ladies colour since they are young girls until they grow up,” he said. “These colours represent a nice woman that goes to the office, f*cks a guy in the toilette and take things how they come.”

Monochrome is also present. So, when I asked him if this was an intentional move to stick to the booming black & white trend, he said: “I do look at trends and eveyrthing but I try my best to reject trends. The black and the white… it’s just a framework.”

In his SS14 collection he exposes a woman that lives between two worlds: that of feeling and that of knowing, of self-restraint and impulse, and that space between of youth and experience.

He kept his iconic asymmetric shapes and he added sporty crops that are playful, but not girly, together with loose skater silhouettes and slouchy skirts. London-born Jean-Pierre wasn’t different from the majority of the LFW collections this season regarding adding a fresh face to their label, this collection entitled Mobius, achieved his full intention.

JPB finale

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EXCLUSIVE interview with Lady Gaga’s choice designer Liz Black

By April 14, 2012 Designers, Interviews

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting Liz Black‘s studio in London, and I must admit I left pretty much impressed. I knew little about this Venezuelan-born designer, but I did know that Lady Gaga wore one of her coolest designs. From that visit, I not only bring you her fabulous Superheroine AW12, but also the the strong woman behind those designs. As she graduated, she created her own label to let the freedom of her creativity sparkle. Black graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 and her graduation collection couldn’t get a better feedback than being Lady Gaga’s choice, who not only wore one of her black & white smoking-like dresses, but also asked for more as she got three pieces to wear in a music video.

Now Black has been called a ‘Vogue talent’ by Vogue Italia and was a semi-finalist for the fashion Fringe awards 2011. As I show you the amazing afternoon I spent with the designer at her studio trying perfect pieces and looking at her collections, I interviewed her, so let’s Liz give us a flavour of the elegant, minimal and aesthetic label that has taken her to an upper level in the fashion industry.


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Mihai Albu, the Romanian ‘shoe architect’

By May 11, 2010 Designers

Mihai Albu, former Romanian architect turned designer

Some people say that what really dresses the body are the accessories. The Romanian shoe designer, Mihai Albu, clearly proves this on his latest campaign, where nude bodies posed for his new collection.

Showing a great passion for object design, he turned from being an architect to a shoe designer, for what he’s known as the “shoe architect”. It’s easy to perceive that the heart and intention he puts in each pair of shoes is the same dedication that any architect will put on a whole project.

Although he might topped himself, he emphasizes the high heels and luxurious fabrics, catching the attention of the chic women. Costing around $1,000 and $2,000, his unique collections are well rewarded.

However, many of his shoes are just too much to actually wear them.  They look uncomfortable and once you wear them, everybody around will notice you are wearing the same pair of shoes again although it’s the second time using them. But honestly, what matters is what YOU like. At the end, more than following the fashion trends, is having your own and unique style, and for sure, you would identify yourself with a particular design of this Romanian architect.

And as if the high-street heels were not high enough, he recently launched the 12″ shoes, making you look taller than ever before. He was criticized by some, such as Perez Hilton, who described the shoes as ‘hideous’. But for sure, short girls and women will be happy to grow up for a special occasion.

Nevertheless, his new spring/summer 2010 collection is absolutely stunning. Albu’s  shoes’ designs are simply, a piece of art.

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