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London Fashion Week: Todd Lynn SS14 – The Wild Boys

By September 14, 2013 Events, LFW

It all began with a band rocking live music in a basement that felt like a rock & roll reunion with laughs, drinks and enjoyment. A very unusual fashion show that submerged the guests into the full spirit of the brand, the collection and the designer, the Canadian-turned-Londoner, Todd Lynn.

I was suddenly seating next to fashion editor of Tank magazine, Sara Gilmour, and before the show kicked off she said: “I love this, it’s all about Todd Lynn. Rock n’ roll baby!” And then of course the cosmopolitans and cocktails spiced up the atmosphere that was about to close one hectic first day of London Fashion Week.

Todd Lynn is better known for his outwear tailored collections, but this time he looks back at his design hits in the search of a new feel that collects the best of the past. Entitled The Wild Boys, spring/summer 14 was more feminine and lighter than usual, but his signature rock edge was still pretty much alive.

Blazers, shift dresses and decorative backs come with the new fresh collection. I would say that the key details of the show was the many backless garments, floatings elements grabbed with harness belts that crowned shoulder blades.

He kept his very own tailoring and iconic leather pieces such as biker gilets and shorts, but he introduced a new energy with silks printed with stripes, he removed jacket collars to achieve raw edges, and introduced pleat dresses and macramé constructed in a nested snake pattern, seen in the the decorative backs and complete see-through pieces.

You would never see Todd Lyyn using bright colours, so he also sticked to his classic colours: black, white, olive green and cyan, as a new colour to his palette.
Once again, Todd Lynn’s designs were decorated with black, white and khaki Louboutin’s red soles.

The band: Wolf Alice


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Adriana Gerbasi: A new footwear designer

By August 21, 2012 Interviews

Let me introduce you a new footwear designer full of energy and creativity: Adriana Gerbasi. A Venezuelan lady with Italian blood, who after finishing her fashion degree at Milan’s Marangoni ends up in London triggering her passion for footwear.

She recently finished designing her first collection called ‘Mujeres de Maiz’ (Corn Women) and made a pair of tan leather, wood and corn leaves wedges to represent the main concept of her lovely, creative and I would call, commercial collection, which is comprised of 28 pair of shoes.

Her inspiration goes back to Venezuela in 1960, a time when women had to spend hours working in the kitchen to produce the typical artisan corn bread, until a product arrived and changed the country’s history.

This is how she describes ‘Mujeres the Maiz’: “An old corn flour factory serves as inspiration for my shoe’s collection. The encounter between tradition and industrialization is the starting point. Different wasted materials from the factory are merged together to create unique structures. Wedges, heels and soles divided in layers, embedded with old screws, covered with corn leafs and metallic sheets. The upper parts remain minimal to create balance. Neutral tones for the cut off leather that highlights the artisan sensibility of the shoe.”

But better check out my meeting with this rising shoe designer… Meet her, the result of her collection, and me wearing her design!

[videofyme id="602787" width="500" height="320" class="aligncenter"]


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Valentina Amengual: Colourful glamour

By March 31, 2012 Designers

For long I have been wanting to introduce you to a good friend of mine and talented fashion designer based in Madrid, Valentina Amengual. She recently finished her ‘Fashion Accessories’ Master at IED Madrid and I felt in love with the results of her graduation pieces that had great feedback from tutors and fashionistas. I just wish they were not so unique so I would be able to wear them (in my size). She produced two pair of heels that will blow you away!

The first  pair (1) was inspired by the ‘Slender Betta’ fish, its colours and swings; they are made by patent leather, metallic turquoise leather and pleated silk. The second pair (2), called ‘Corralium’, is made by coral snake skin, suede and metallic leather, aren’t these absolutely and sexily gorgeous? Oh and those dramatic fascinators were also designed and handmade by Valentina. Both pairs involved lots of hard work as they are carefully elaborated with top quality material and inspired by a unique -oceanic- nature that came from Valentina’s soul. Her style is young, elegant and glamorous … Won’t you just wear those coral shoes everywhere? Stunning!

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Interview with Dondup’s men’s designer Kevin J Morley

By September 4, 2011 Interviews

Men's fashion designer Kevin J Morley

Let me introduce you to a South Londoner that ended up in the small Italian town of Fossombrone doing what he loves, designing clothes. Kevin James Morley is the men’s designer of Dondup, an Italian brand that is spreading around the world and invading top stores such as Harvey Nichols in London. I went to the showroom of their new collection and it is fabulous with an interesting inspirtation. Check it out! Enjoy this afro designer that have added an amazing touch to the brand.

How a South Londoner ends up in the Italian town of Fossombrone?

I arrived in Fossombrone at the request of Dirk Bikkembergs , Belgian designer. He saw some of my work and liked it. I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to go to Italy to learn and improve.

Did you first get into fashion while living in London?

I have always been interested in clothing and it’s power from a very young age. Influenced by what I saw and experienced, I learned quickly that dressing “correctly” is important.

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