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NET-A-PORTER presents Diane Kordas jewellery

By March 29, 2012 Designers, Events

As NET-A-PORTER presented KAUFMANFRANCO’s AW12, it also introduced guests to the authentic jewellery label of Diane Kordas and its American creator Diane.

Unique and modern pieces made by 18-karat gold and diamonds have been the choice of stylish celebrities such as Madonna. The bangles are gorgeous -my favourite pieces- and I could just imagine wearing them together in different golden colours (rose, white…). She says that ‘a piece of jewelry should be both casual and classic – but above all, timeless,’ so she presents classic but modern designs that will last forever and will feature your style.

She adds the rock chic glamour that has been on for a while with the skulls and star-studded pieces. Arabesque rings, snakes, ‘love’ message, geometric shapes, bugs and kiss lips offer a versatile collection for all type of women that look for top quality material and as Kordas describes them, ‘timeless’ designs. She represents the collection herself, with a lovely personality, young spirit and an elegance ruled my her attractive height.

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By March 28, 2012 Designers, Events

I am delighted to introduce you to the dynamic duo of  Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco, who came from New York to present KAUFMANFRANCO AW12 collection together with NET-A-PORTER.

In a cocktail night at its Westfield’s offices fashionistas had a look at the amazing gowns, better known for hitting the red carpet and being celebrities’ choice. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Emily Blunt, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Camila Alves, Julianne Hough and Halle Berry are just a few.  As I felt in love with a sequin gown, I said: “That’s what I would wear for the Oscars if I ever go.”

The new collection introduces sequin, silk, mix of textures, contrast of patterns, haute couture, and top designs that wrap women’s sensual silhouette. AW 12 jackets and coats are not to be ignored, particularly a black blazer that mixes fabric and leather with outstanding high-tech cuts. Once you get closer to the garments you are utterly surprised by every single detail that has been meticulously crafted, even the outside in detailing. In addition, the leather gloves up to the elbow remind us of women’s elegance, posture, poshness, high-class, like those travelling on first-class trains in the 1940s.

With beautifully handcrafted pieces they embrace the modern, but sophisticated and provocative women. Their label highlights sensuality in a luxurious, yet edgy, way. However, the key of their particular elegance is ‘simplicity’, KAUFMANFRANCO’s unifying element.

Overall, their new collection is strong and delicate -contrast is the intention. Its designers, who worked with Valentino, Emmanuel Ungaro and Anne Klein before launching their signature in 2004, are an absolutely enchanting pair. Thanks NET-A-PORTER for such an exclusive event, which introduced me to KAUFMANFRANCO’s wonderful AW collection and to the stunning jewellery by Diane Kordas that will come up next.

Check out their S/S 12 collection available now here.

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Outfit of the day: Degraded stripes

By March 27, 2012 OUTFITS 1

If you ask me where I like to go for shopping, eating and hanguing out in London I can certainly seat down and begin to write down a long list. For sure, Duke of York Square will be in it. The Zara store there might be the one I visit the most and the small cafes around it are so warming, plus it is at King’s Road, my London’s favourite high street, which is surrounded  by victorian architecture. On this day I went for brunch at Patisserie Valerie, 100% recommended and then for a walk around to introduce you to a degraded dress I have had for years. This time I have mixed it with a stripes cardigan and a leather Velez belt I bought in Bogota -love its mix of leathers. And this might sound funny, but I love my boots’ shoelaces! And yes, I’m bringing my ‘casual braid’ more often.

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Outfit of the day: Filming at St. Katharine’s Docks

By March 26, 2012 OUTFITS 1

Hello Spring!!! Daylight Saving Time started and as I changed my clock yesterday, I had a big smile from ear to ear, seeing the sun finally hitting town, for real. Well, not 100% for real, it is still cold though. If you are not in London, don’t think it is already time for shorts and flip flops, although I saw  some extreme summer looks during the weekend.

Last Friday was my longest day of 2012 so far, which included two shootings and a long visit at a designer’s showroom. Yes filming, I haven’t tell you this, but I am also a freelance video presenter for Newspepper, for which I have cover different events, including awards and some tech ones, like Facebook conferences. I have had fun reporting for their clients and projects, plus the people I have worked with have always been so nice.

And could Friday have had a better sunshine for a filming at the amazing St. Katharine’s Docks? It was fabulous and no words for the amazing location, just beside Tower Bridge. I was about to jump in a yatch and escape from the busyness; once you are there,  walking in a marine around those boats, you can’t believe you are still in central London. It was then followed by a quick shooting with Newspepper’s founder (Hermione, who came from San Francisco) and her team, followed then by a Liz Black’s showroom. I couldn’t ask for more! Amazing day, amazing weather, amazing people all the way until it ended.  The outfit also worked perfectly for the different places I went to, and for the weather, which began warm but after the sunset it turned a bit too cold. So here a day that kicked-off at sunny St. Katharine’s Docks and made it all so much better! Did you have a good weekend? Have an amazing week!

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Must haves: Metal toecap

By March 25, 2012 NEW IN

Spring/Summer 2012 comes with floral prints, laces, pastels, coloured trousers/jeans and it also introduces a new trend of metal toecap shoes. Since I first spotted these heels I thought they were increidbly cool and could fit with so many different looks, giving a sparkle of old school elegance in a modern breeze. Check out these designs from Topshop, but the third metal toecap heels called ‘Sinner’ are the ones I have targeted and will soon join my wardrobe. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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Picture of the day: Dondup’s brogues

By March 24, 2012 NEW IN

Lately I have been in a boyish mood, obsessed with sexy brogues, that I find so cool! Menswear has been inspiring some looks. I found this pair of white leather brogues from the Italian label Dondup’s Spring/Summer 12 collection. They are so classy, elegant and stylish… And those shoelaces give such a different touch, a spirit of a marine, boats and yatchs: the life we all dream about during summer! Have you got brogues shoes?

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Outfit of the day: London bus

By March 22, 2012 OUTFITS 1

Taking public transport is part of Londoners’ daily life. However, when I first came to London, I wasn’t a big fan of it and was crying for my car already, but to be honest, having one in London could also be a complicated business; just to find a parking place, deal with traffic, congestion charges and oh yes, drive on the right-hand side! But still, it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to, whenever you’d like to. So, I’m glad to tell you that I have passed my theory driving test!  The next step is the practical and guess I will be ready to legally drive in the UK.

However, if I could choose between tube/underground (metro) and bus, I’ll go for the bus without thinking it twice! And if on a double deck one, I would go to the top. This  look is from on one of those days where I needed to move around the city in a bus, went through painful traffic and even football matches -where everything around collapses, is packed of fans and surrounded by policemen in their big trucks and horses. And despite whatever you are wearing (skirt, office or party/sexy outfit) it will always be ok to hop on a bus -although sometimes jumping on a taxi or classic ‘black cab’ sounds so much more tempting, plus I will get to my destination looking fresh and having every piece of my look in the right position… What about you?  Do you avoid public transport when dressed nicely?


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