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Outfit of the day: Curzon Gallery

By May 1, 2012 OUTFITS 1

Last week I went to the Curzon Gallery in Wimbledon to see the exhibition of Militza Ortiz’ jewellery. I of course, have great material to show you from her unique and dramatic collection, but first I wanted to give you a preview of the gallery, which I found so interesting as it had nice modern pictures, including two collages made of Banksy’s graffitis, as well as luxury house decoration… I took the opportunity to not only see the lovely jewellery, but also wonder around this small gallery that surprised me with cool stuff, and why not show you my outfit from there?… I had a very casual and lightly warm look for the cold rainy day (had about three layers underneath that golden sweater), and this time I wore the golden hairband in a different way, making it very youngish with a plat. [CLICK MORE!!!]

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