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Jean-Pierre Braganza SS14 (backstage)

By September 18, 2013 Events, Inspiration, LFW

Jean-Pierre Braganza’s Spring/Summer 14 collection comes with something new, something unusual, more ladylike. “The main inspiration was chapters of a female’s life… her beauty, her love for life and her darkside. I wanted to express her beauty for once. I didn’t want to use florals, but it’s impossible not to use flowers,” Jean-Pierre told me backstage after the show.

His intention is expressed through the colour palette used in the collection, which includes black, white, red and pink in a mix of abstract and all-loral prints. “Pink… Me pink? But yes, it’s a ladies colour since they are young girls until they grow up,” he said. “These colours represent a nice woman that goes to the office, f*cks a guy in the toilette and take things how they come.”

Monochrome is also present. So, when I asked him if this was an intentional move to stick to the booming black & white trend, he said: “I do look at trends and eveyrthing but I try my best to reject trends. The black and the white… it’s just a framework.”

In his SS14 collection he exposes a woman that lives between two worlds: that of feeling and that of knowing, of self-restraint and impulse, and that space between of youth and experience.

He kept his iconic asymmetric shapes and he added sporty crops that are playful, but not girly, together with loose skater silhouettes and slouchy skirts. London-born Jean-Pierre wasn’t different from the majority of the LFW collections this season regarding adding a fresh face to their label, this collection entitled Mobius, achieved his full intention.

JPB finale

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Interview: Fashion Psychology

By July 4, 2013 Interviews

Did you know about fashion psychology and the influence that Freud’s social science has in the industry? Well, like every business, clothing brands must relate to the personalities and minds of their clients to understand what their demands are.

It is a fact that every person is affected by this relationship, from our early days at school. The way we dress expresses and reveals so much of who we are, it projects our personalities and moods. Personally, my moods influence immensely my outfits, and you as my readers know how, together with the weather, they both play a big part in the game… However, not very often we come across these thoughts. So today I bring you a new video interview with Kate Nightingale, founder of Style Psychology. Based in London, Kate is able to help brands sell their products and apparently, she ‘reads our minds’ to help us project our potential by the way we dress. What a better way of understanding the relationship between fashion and this science than talking with the expert? She tells us how she advices fashion labels and individual people on how to achieve success through the outfits.

Watch the interview below and let me know what you think! Enjoy…


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Adriana Gerbasi: A new footwear designer

By August 21, 2012 Interviews

Let me introduce you a new footwear designer full of energy and creativity: Adriana Gerbasi. A Venezuelan lady with Italian blood, who after finishing her fashion degree at Milan’s Marangoni ends up in London triggering her passion for footwear.

She recently finished designing her first collection called ‘Mujeres de Maiz’ (Corn Women) and made a pair of tan leather, wood and corn leaves wedges to represent the main concept of her lovely, creative and I would call, commercial collection, which is comprised of 28 pair of shoes.

Her inspiration goes back to Venezuela in 1960, a time when women had to spend hours working in the kitchen to produce the typical artisan corn bread, until a product arrived and changed the country’s history.

This is how she describes ‘Mujeres the Maiz’: “An old corn flour factory serves as inspiration for my shoe’s collection. The encounter between tradition and industrialization is the starting point. Different wasted materials from the factory are merged together to create unique structures. Wedges, heels and soles divided in layers, embedded with old screws, covered with corn leafs and metallic sheets. The upper parts remain minimal to create balance. Neutral tones for the cut off leather that highlights the artisan sensibility of the shoe.”

But better check out my meeting with this rising shoe designer… Meet her, the result of her collection, and me wearing her design!

[videofyme id="602787" width="500" height="320" class="aligncenter"]


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A flavour of FashionInsideOut

By June 19, 2012 NEW IN

Usually I get lots of questions about my blog, always the SAME ones. Some more serious than others. But it really is curiosity of the background, me and where I am going. Fashion Inside Out has given me amazing opportunities, moments and lessons, so has my professional experiences, so I was delighted to share a bit more about it in an interview that Tessabit did to me a couple of weeks ago. I shared it on my Facebook page, but guess lots of you missed it! So, do get a flavour of what’s behind the scenes of this blog, which has become part of me. The best bit of the interview… it’s also in Italian! Godere! Read it HERE!

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Outfit of the day: Neon indian

By May 30, 2012 OUTFITS 1

Two days in a row in the indian mood, this time with a new neon touch, accidentally getting the casual ‘neon indian’ look. The match of the necklace and bracelets with the mirror sandals and sexy mosaic clutch (I bought about two years ago) just flow with the outfit and I love the new combination of my rings, which I called the ‘evil apple’, you know, like that one from Sleeping Beauty… Of course that with a colourful bright side, like the happy skull. Now, what really excites me today is sharing with you a great INTERVIEW that Tessabit did to me! Get a flavour about me and what’s behind this blog, see it here! I am so happy that I have become part of the Tessabit Family.


Dos días seguidos en el modo indio, esta vez con un toque neon que accidentalmente llevo a un look ‘neon indian’ casual. La combinación del collar y pulseras con las sandalias de espejos y el sobre de mosaico (lo compre hace dos anos) fluyen con el look. Me encanta también el mix de anillos, la cual llamé ‘la manzana del mal’, sabes como esa de La Bella Durmiente… claro que con un lado colorido, como esa calabera feliz. Ahora, lo que más me emociona de hoy es compartir una super ENTREVISTA que me hizo Tessabit! Para un poco más de sabor sobre mi y lo que realmente hay detras de este blog visitala aquí! Me contenta mucho entrar a la famila de Tessabit!


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Interview with Dondup’s men’s designer Kevin J Morley

By September 4, 2011 Interviews

Men's fashion designer Kevin J Morley

Let me introduce you to a South Londoner that ended up in the small Italian town of Fossombrone doing what he loves, designing clothes. Kevin James Morley is the men’s designer of Dondup, an Italian brand that is spreading around the world and invading top stores such as Harvey Nichols in London. I went to the showroom of their new collection and it is fabulous with an interesting inspirtation. Check it out! Enjoy this afro designer that have added an amazing touch to the brand.

How a South Londoner ends up in the Italian town of Fossombrone?

I arrived in Fossombrone at the request of Dirk Bikkembergs , Belgian designer. He saw some of my work and liked it. I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to go to Italy to learn and improve.

Did you first get into fashion while living in London?

I have always been interested in clothing and it’s power from a very young age. Influenced by what I saw and experienced, I learned quickly that dressing “correctly” is important.

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