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Outfit of the day: Don’t worry, be happy

By September 3, 2013 OUTFITS 1, Travels

I don’t know what looks happier, if the smiley faces of the tee or my big smile at Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. Whichever it is, the bright colours and the stunning beach can only irradiate pure happiness and a ‘no worries, be happy’ mood. I’ve said many times before that for me, there’s no place like the paradise of Los Roques, but the turquoise waters and white sands of Isla Mujeres gets kind of very close to it. Really.

Now, put your hands up if you borrow your BF’s wardrobe or simply shop in the men’s section? Mines are up! And that’s exactly what I did for this matchy match shoot, wearing my yellow bikini with the Obey for Men top.

I was wearing–> Top: Obey (Menswear); Bikini: Calzedonia; Sunglasses: Oakley (Frogskins)











I was wearing–> Top: Obey (Menswear); Bikini: Calzedonia; Sunglasses: Oakley (Frogskins)

 Photos by: Antonio Reyes

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London Collections: Men

By June 18, 2013 Events, Inspiration, LFW

Either you’ve been following the London Collections: Men fashion shows or not,  I thought I would share with you some of the shows I was tracking down, specially Sibling, as I’ve been obesessed with the trio’s latest shows… It’s incredible how menswear has taken over it all and managed to invade London and the entire fashion industry with these collections, settings trends and a new concept of men’s wardrobes. In the last couple of years, it has had a big boost and now designers throw their usual shows to present their menswear collections. It’s the new fashion week.

Check out some of this season shows:

Sibling SS14

Richard James SS14

J.W. Anderson SS

Spencer Hart SS14


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The Boyfriend

By April 4, 2013 OUTFITS 1

Quite unusual an outfit made of menswear on me. Come on, I know sometimes you walk pass by the men’s collection and feel a bit tempted, specially with the bad boy trend that’s been around. Well this outfit goes ‘all in’ for the boyfriend look and for that rare love I’ve developed for the prune/wine colour (lot’s of again, unusual, matchy match). Not only that, I took the opportunity to shoot at one of the random local churches that are around London, this one close to Tower Hill -lovely, clean, white architecture at the background of a combination of a wool baseball cap and a baggy silk Burberry Men blouse, does it sound sappealing? It can actually work out!

I was wearing–> Silk blouse: Burberry (Menswear); Boyfriend jeans: Zara; Baseball cap: H&M Men; Shoes: Ash; Handbag: Miu Miu; Watch: Casio

baseball cap4

prune love

baseball hat7

baseball cap5

baseball cap3

baseball cap look

baseball cap zoom

prune 8

baseball hat1

baseball cap profile

prune burberry2Photos by Antonio Reyes


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A different Monday

By March 5, 2012 Designers, Events

We are back on Monday and I really want this week to be different, break the routine and make it a bit more exciting. I have had two great weeks so far and want to keep rolling with you and Fashion Inside Out. So, as I rarely cover men’s fashion, I will kick-off the week with something rare in here then. I have put together the highlights of LFW Menswear Day AW12, which usually closes the LFW madness.  Talented and new designers presented their collections of classic colours and cuts, mix of textures, goose jackets, blazers and even crazy prints.

I must admit that my  two conclusions on the male models were: They are waaay better looking (too obvious?) and way less serious -at least these ones. On my side, I need to manage the time to study for the driving licence theory test, does that sounds exciting? Not really…until I finally see myself driving on the right side.  How are you starting your week? Make it great and different!


Volvemos al Lunes, y en realidad quiero que esta semana sea diferente, romper la rutina y hacerla un poco más emocionante. He tenido dos semanas excelentes y quiero mantenerlas contigo y Fashion Inside Out. Así que, como raramente cubro la moda masculina, voy a comenzar el Lunes con algo diferente. Hice un resumen del LFW Menswear Day AW12, el cual normalmente cierra la locura del LFW. Nuevos talentos presentaron sus colecciones de colores opacos, cortes clásicos, combinación de texturas y telas cálidas, chaquetas de pluma de ganso, blazers y hasta impresiones únicas.

Debo admitir que mis dos conclusiones sobre los modelos fueron: Ellos lucen muuucho mejor (obvio?) y qué poca seriedad -al menos los que estaban allí. Por mi lado, tengo que conseguir el tiempo para estudiar para mi examen teórico de la licencia de conducir, suena emocionante? En realidad no….hasta que me vea manejando/conduciendo en lado derecho. Tu como empiezas tu semana? Que sea fabulosa y diferente! 

[videofyme id="421756" class="aligncenter"]

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Tailored chameleon goes skydiving

By February 23, 2012 Events, LFW

London Fashion Week AW 12 is now sadly over and as promised, here is the first post on Menswear Day yesterday, as it closed an exciting and exhausting week.

Dear gentlemen get ready for posts of a variety of menswear designers and shows… Let’s get started with the picturesque and salvage prints of British menswear designer Matthew Miller, who labelled by Vogue as one to watch, unleashed his AW12 collection yesterday.

He achieved his siganture’s concept of ‘technology vs traditional’ with a season inspired by the ’1940s, commandos and survival on the streets of London’. I first thought: ‘Amazonia’ will be the headline of this post’, as the show began with strong browns and oranges, using prints that could send your imagination to a rainforest surrounded by different textures, smells, sounds and flavours. But the bright reds and neons came out together with waterproof materials and matching skydive look alike backpacks -I was expecting a  parachute to open- so my first impression changed, however, part of it stayed. The sportwear touch seemed to me a colourful and classy skydive gear as tailor meets innovative outwear in a collection for intact and extreme men.

Although there’s a slight combination of fabrics, the main highlight of this collection is the prints and the meaning of each of them, making reference to a specific surface or place, such as Waterloo graffitis, Hyde Park trees, concrete, Hackney and Shoreditch . In addition, he includes a footwear collaboration with Oliver Sweeney, made with the same prints and which Miller says ‘it’s going to be massive’.

Miller’s AW12 presents a chameleon hidden in different surfaces and colours, reflecting the soul behind every man, don’t you think?

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Jurassic Park meets couture

By February 21, 2012 Designers, Events, LFW

I must say I was absolutely surprised by Sophie Hulme’s AW12 debut at her first London Fashion Week on-schedule show yesterday.

Unexpected toy dinosaurs rocked the combination of textures in a collection presenting tough feminine pieces, hot coats, blouses buttoned up to the neck (I have been obessesed with this style lately), and a unique dinosaur lace that gave an outstanding originality to the collection.

Different gradings of colours, including bright pinks and blues awakened her AW season, which is usually expected to be opaque with black, greys and browns. The jewelry and dinosaurs combined with the perfect lines, mix of fabrics and top quality material, makes  her new collection exciting, desirable and most of all, fun. It is for sure a ready-to-wear. I just kept saying: ‘Please, can I have it?’

As she is usually inspired by menswear, Hulme includes fisherman jumpers, embroided with geometric shapes and dinosaur silhouettes. When asking her about the dinosaurs she said: “Because they come in the most amazing colours and no one knows what colour were they”. (WATCH INTERVIEW)

Not happy enough with the hard work that goes into the mix of textures and laces, she includes bags, clutches, and leather, calf and eel skinned suitcases made in collaboration with Globetrotter.

Oh, and do you remember that picture of the day  where I showed you the fun charms I spotted on my visit to her showroom at Cube? Well, as in every season, gold charms, including a bubble maker and a brass dinosaur, accompanied the looks. Also, sending you to Ice Age, she added a waist-belt, which instead of a buckle had two mammoths with their trunks in a clasp, being featured as well in a neckpiece.

Charming Hulme is undoubtedly one of the British rising talents and has opened the year with an impressive AW12 collection that brought elegant and boyish fun to the classy feminism.

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