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Outfit of the day: Call me maybe?

By August 15, 2013 OUTFITS 1

What more iconic from London than the red phone booths? Well, yes, the red buses and black cabs… Anyhow, on my way to work I see plenty of them, and these two are just in the corner of my house. So yes, it’s not the most creative look you’ll see here, but completely SIMPLE. An easy outfit for a day at the office. Jeans, tee and summer heels. The awesome bit is the statement necklace that camouflages over the yellow tee. And, don’t ask why I just bumped into the idea of a song to go with the outfit. Guess which one is it? Play it below and scroll down to see the bright simplicity. (I’m thinking of mixing an outfit with a song every week, what do you think?)


Qué es mas icónico de Londres que las cajas de telefonos rojos? Bueno si, los autobuses de dos pisos rojos y los particulares taxis negros…  Camino a mi trabajo veo muchos de ellos y este par esta justo en la salida de mi hogar. Asi que si, puede que este no sea el look más creativo que han visto aqui, pero uno completamente SIMPLE. Un outfit muy fácil para dia de oficina. Jeans, camisa sencilla y tacones de verano. Lo más cool es el collar imponente que se camuflajea con la camisa amarilla. Y no pregunten por qué, se me acaba de ocurrir compartir el outfit con una canción. Adivinan cuál? Click Play y desplacese hacia abajo. (Estoy pensando en mezclar canción con outfit una vez a la semana, qué les parece?)

  I was wearing–> Jeans: Diesel; Top: Zara; Necklace: H&M; Shoes: Nine West; Handbag: Modalu (Pippa brogue); Sunglasses: Rayban; Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Topshop, H&M









I was wearing–> Jeans: Diesel; Top: Zara; Necklace: H&M; Shoes: Nine West; Handbag: Modalu (Pippa brogue); Sunglasses: Rayban; Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Topshop, H&M

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Animal Kingdom

By May 22, 2013 OUTFITS 1

If I am going bared legged, I will go warm somewhere else. In this case, I wore a warm and a statement scarf, which adds a stylish touch and joined the animal print of shoes and belt, while being functional, reason why I called this post ‘Animal Kingdom’. This is an example of how accessories will change a basic black and beige look…

And once again, my mini Pippa Modalu bag. (I knew it would match everything!)

Have a great day peeps!

I was wearing–> Scarf: Roberto Cavalli; Blouse & Skirt: Zara; Shoes: Office London; Handbag: Modalu; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Belt: Lucky Brand


cavalli look

cavalli scarf1

peplum skirt zara

pencil skirt peplum


modalu handbag pippa



I was wearing–> Scarf: Roberto Cavalli; Blouse & Skirt: Zara; Shoes: Office London; Handbag: Modalu; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Belt: Lucky Brand


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New in: Modalu Pippa combo

By May 16, 2013 NEW IN

I might be becoming one of Modalu’s ambassadors, but you also know how much I love their designs, in particular the Pippa line. You have seen so many different models from this label in here, from different seasons, different shapes and styles. However, I’m now introducing you to a new perfect combo of this affordable luxury leather label! The mini Pippa and the Pippa wallet in cherry colour (they’ve got them in grey, black, tan…).

I have a crush for the mini handbags collections that came out this season from both high end and high street brands, so this mini one, which in fact is not so mini, works just perfect. For sure another Modalu handbag you’ll be seeing here a lot.

modalu combo

modalu pippa bag

modalu pippa handbag cherry

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Brogue Pippa handbag

By March 7, 2013 NEW IN

The Modalu brogue Pippa handbag from the spring/summer collection was my perfect friend during London Fashion Week. I could fit in so many things, check out what I had inside.

modalu pippa

modalu pippa inside

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Outfit of the day: Oh lala!

By February 22, 2013 LFW, OUTFITS 1

This is another look I wore during London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2013! Welcoming the Spring season on a sunny day with floral prints and mixing it with an ‘Oh lala!’ jumper for the chilly weather. I added the neon touch of the season with the golden and orange necklace and kept it neutral with the brogue Pippa handbag, which again, worked perfect for a LFW day. Have you started wearing any Spring wardrobe yet? I know, the last two days have been freezing this end of the world, however, a floral breeze on Friday will cheer you up!…

Btw, you probably noticed the NEW FACE of FashionInsideOut! What do you think about the great logo that web designer Vivi Matheus did for the blog? Big thanks to her! :)

I was wearing–> Floral trousers and jumper: Next; Shoes and jacket: Hugo Boss; Handbag: Modalu; Sunglasses: Topshop; Bracelets: Stella & Dot; Watch: Casio

print jumper1

oh lala prints


ohlala burn

roundes glasses ohlala

ohlalajumper fio

floral print


gray jumper

oh lala modalu

ohlala jumper gris


floral pants


floral jumper

rounded sunglasses

floral trousers

print jumper ohlala


necklace neon golden oh lala

ohlala details look

modalu pippa bag

pointy shoes

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My Modalu Pippa handbag

By December 22, 2012 NEW IN, Uncategorized

When the Modalu Pippa handbag came out my mom spotted and bought the black one for my birthday present about 2 years ago (it wasn’t even called Pippa by then). Then Pippa Middleton was caught wearing it everywhere and its popularity went up to the roof. I then started seeing it on lots of girls in London town, but the truth is that I could understand the love for it. It’s great leather quality, affordable luxury and the most comfortable and versatile handbag I’ve ever had really. You have seen it in sooo many outfits, so I put them together in this collage, realising that I have used it for two years in every season, fashion weeks, meetings and travelling… What a handbag!
I know lots of my wonderful followers have bought it, so for you and for new Modalu lovers I’ve got great news! They have an online sale now (perfect for last minute gifts). And the Shark colour is at a great price! I know that’s great to know about the hot sales going on so here’s my little sale secret today!
Meanwhile, I’m about to get on the plane on my way to Denver! Some good skiing awaits for me at Vail… See you at the snow!

pippa bag1

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New in: Pippa handbag refreshed

By October 14, 2012 NEW IN

I know how much you have liked and got your very own Modalu’s Pippa handbag. You have seen my black one over and over again since I got it last year. If you don’t know, it is the most popular line of the brand, for what they keep it in every season, changing its textures and introducing it in new colours, like the emerald green I chose on the press day video.

However, on Modalu’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection the Pippa collection is refreshed by looking into fine detailing on the season inspired by the British equestrian. Hole punched trims represent stirrup straps and create deeper structure, achieving exquisite brogue detail and stained edges. I love brogues, therefore I love this gorgeous new design! Again, practical and feminine but with a touch of chic masculine.

This fresh Pippa handbag in natural tanned leather makes reference to the romance of British summer.

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