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Ibiza Part 1: Formentera

By August 11, 2014 Travels


Hellou people!! It’s been a long while and how much I’ve missed this spot…

But it’s all been for a good reason; I’ve been working very hard on The Independent’s fashion page and I invite you all to visit (do tell me what you think!). I’m really enjoying it and long working hours have left me limited time to share the love in here. However, I won’t disappear and I will stay around for weekly content and catch ups! I might be sharing updates of the best articles we covered on The Indy online over the week! How does that sound?

In the meantime, I have some nice shots tu share from a place I recently fell in love with… Ibiza! Last week I came back from a very very short, but greeeat holiday. Formentera stole my heart and I just can’t wait to go back. This first post is packed with the day that kicked off a much needed girls trip to the Spanish island. We rented a private boat to get to the prettiest beaches far from Ibiza and so we head to Formentera and its surroundings. And wow! What a voyage to a magical world it was.It’s surrounded by what they call “calas” which means creeks. Imagine hidden places surrounded by big rocks and some green. Hues of blue and turquoise water. Stunning…

And yes, I was there on the week that felt the whole world was there (when all celebs went to Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci’s star-studded party). I even got to see Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. More on that later.

I hope I can transport you to the beach with this stunning place. Have a lovely Monday!

I was wearing–> Bikini top and cover: H&M/ Hat: THE KOOPLES / Sunglasses: RAY BANformentera7





Flavia Ibiza jump on Make A Gif

Linda jump on Make A Gif



formentera-ibiza1 Flavia’s bikini: ZARA/ Sunglasses: CARTIER VINTAGE












The day finished with a walk around Ibiza Town and a paella at a fittingly restaurant called Formentera…




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Outfit of the day: Don’t worry, be happy

By September 3, 2013 OUTFITS 1, Travels

I don’t know what looks happier, if the smiley faces of the tee or my big smile at Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. Whichever it is, the bright colours and the stunning beach can only irradiate pure happiness and a ‘no worries, be happy’ mood. I’ve said many times before that for me, there’s no place like the paradise of Los Roques, but the turquoise waters and white sands of Isla Mujeres gets kind of very close to it. Really.

Now, put your hands up if you borrow your BF’s wardrobe or simply shop in the men’s section? Mines are up! And that’s exactly what I did for this matchy match shoot, wearing my yellow bikini with the Obey for Men top.

I was wearing–> Top: Obey (Menswear); Bikini: Calzedonia; Sunglasses: Oakley (Frogskins)











I was wearing–> Top: Obey (Menswear); Bikini: Calzedonia; Sunglasses: Oakley (Frogskins)

 Photos by: Antonio Reyes

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Three looks, one skirt

By August 22, 2013 OUTFITS 1

Since I got that H&M skirt last year when the mint colour was THE colour of the spring/summer I never thought I would wear as much. However, truth is I have worn it over and over again with different looks and yet I don’t get bored. What I absolutely love about it is the shape, specially that mermaid tale cut at the back. Check out how I have styled it in three outfits. Although is not the hot colour of the season, I think I would still wear it over and over…

 (Similar mint skirts and dresses here & here)


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Sneak peek: Hippie mood

By August 19, 2013 OUTFITS 1

Sometimes we all feel in different moods, we might go for 50s look, we might go for sexier or layered outfits, and yes, sometimes we feel a bit of a hippie. This is exactly one of those days,delicate  flower crown, dyed/fringed top and the beautiful nature. Just a sneak peek of the next outfit. Happy Monday!



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Sunnies of the season

By July 31, 2013 OUTFITS 1

This is my sunnies collection, my ultimate favourites for this season and honestly, I am ready for much more sun to come! Yes, sun, sun and sun, please!

From top: Christian Dior, Oakley, Rayban, Asos and Topshop - Combining high street with designer sunglasses is a great way to have the ultimate trend, get the statement pair and keep timeless one. Be versatile and wear them all, from the cat eye to the mirrored Jonh Lennon round shapes.

sunnies favs


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Blossoming weekend

By July 15, 2013 OUTFITS 1

There’s something about flowers that really cheers me up, sometimes my living room looks just like an indoor garden. As you suspect, this spectacular secret garden of white, pink and red roses in Regent’s Park really made my day, particularly when I was wearing a quite discreet black flower crown, which needed the touch of real blooming roses full of lively colours.

Once again, my old summer wardrobe is out and my old colourful garments came to play with me at the park on a hot, hot weekend, which reached over 30C. The Michael Kors top is one of those timeless pieces of this season that I often happen to forget I have and is now over three years old. What a good start to the week…

I was wearing–> Top: Michael Kors; Sandals: Nine West; Clutch: Antik Batika; Sunnies: Topshop; Flower crown: Opium






elephant flowers















I was wearing–> Top: Michael Kors; Sandals: Nine West; Clutch: Antik Batika; Sunnies: Topshop; Flower crown: Opium

 Photographs by Antonio Reyes

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Colourful summer

By July 10, 2013 OUTFITS 1

Colours and colours, that is what I’m looking at this summer, so while on my short time at the beach of West Wittering I spotted these colourful sheds as soon as I entered and it was a must-share shoot, perfect place to match the colourful prints of the handbag I found in one of my hidden summer boxes… Yes, I have finally opened that box full of colours and light garments. How many surprises and forgotten timeless gems! I remember buying this handbag about four years ago in Miami and at the time I thought it was the coolest one, with all its collection called ‘Poppy’. After a couple of years I was about to give it away thinking I would not wear it ever again. For some reason I kept it, and just before heading to the beach I found it and said, ‘why not? come oooon’. It’s a happy bag. I think is that kind of piece that flows with the mood and it did give a splash of colour to the white/jean look I had on.

I was wearing–> Shorts: Zara; Blouse: market in Nice; Handbag/bolso: Coach (Poppy collection); Sunglasses/lentes: Rayban; Watch/reloj: Casio; Bracelet/pulsera: Marc by Marc Jacobs


witteings outfit








Photographs by: Catherine Rivas

I was wearing–> Shorts: Zara; Blouse: market in Nice; Handbag: Coach (Poppy collection); Sunglasses: Rayban; Watch: Casio; Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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