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By March 27, 2014 Travels


Two weekends ago I went to Warsaw, the capital that has been in all our history books and has since transformed into a very modern city, surrounded by glassed skyscrapers. My parents just moved down there so I went for a full weekend of tourism and family relaxation time. So although it was freezing cold and very wet, we had to get out and walk the city, and I must say I spent a long time at the stunning Lazienki Park, which has a massive statue of Frederic Chopin and benches that play his classic music (yes! I was surprised too).


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FashionInsideOut goes to Bath

By October 21, 2013 OUT N' ABOUT, Travels


There’s nothing better than an improvised road trip out of town. On Sunday (yesterday), I went to the spectacular city of Bath for just few hours, but just enough to switch my head off for a bit… With a distance of only two hours drive from London, it’s the perfect escape from the busy capital that never stops! You really feel like you are somewhere else.

With a peculiar architecture that has been preserved for thousands of years since the Roman first came to England, its undoubtedly a breath of fresh air. Not mentioning the Roman Baths and its natural thermal waters that impress visitors with the steam and bubbles that still come from them. Just wonder why they are not opened for a quick splash, I did touch the water and it’s not that hot! Actually, it should be turned into a natural exclusive spa, right? Not sure of how clean would it be though… Talking about spas, Bath is known for its wonderful spas. Its most popular one is the four floors building, Thermae. With two thermal water pools, one of them located in an opened rooftop with a beautiful view of the town, jacuzzi and the most amazing aromatic steam rooms, it makes you feel in heaven during your stay. A 100% recommended destination for a day, or two.

Although I switched off, I didn’t forget about FashionInsideOut, so took these pics and videos for you guys! All taken with my iPhone and couple others with the GoPro (camera on holiday), so do get a glimpse and enjoy! There’s always something to look forward on a gloomy Monday…

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London Marathon 2012 with One Minute

By April 24, 2012 OUTFITS 1

I know I usually share my fashion experiences, interviews, designers, events and outfits, but as I mentioned when showing you the preview of the new fun project, ‘One Minute‘, I also want to share a bit more of what I  do and spot around there. So last Sunday 24th April, London saw its 32nd marathon, starting from Greenwich up to St. James Park. A big ‘well done!’ to everyone who was brave enough to join the 37.500 runners in the 42 km marathon. I do like sports, but I think 42km  is too much of an effort, which requires serious training. I always say “I’ll do it one day”, but  gosh I will need a good reason to do it so!.. Anyways, it was very exciting to be around, so here’s a video to show you guys a bit of the busy London and runners on their big day.

[Fashion Inside Out goes to London Marathon with One Minute, spotting and learning around London and the world]

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Pitcure of the day: Shine your Sunday

By March 4, 2012 NEW IN

It has been raining literally all day, so it makes the Sunday even more lazy than usual (although I work on Sundays). So, I woke up thinking I want to be somewhere warm and sunny right now…  trying to be realistic, somewhere close, because to be honest, for me, there’s no better place than Los Roques in Venezuela, P-A-R-A-D-I-SE. However, I thought of this amazing spot I went to last year in Canary Islands. After getting a bus from the centre of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and a long walk, I ended up in this wonderful turquoise beach in this place called Puerto Rico. Loved it! … Just to shine our Sunday a bit on this side of the world.

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New Dior babies

By January 23, 2012 Designers
fashion insideout out

Sorry for a completely quite week. Probably, a week in MUTE. I went to Madrid and my server was messing with me again. Also, I had a hacker, or something similar, for sure an intruder. But here I am and with NEW BABIES I brought from my trip!

I must confess I was in need of new sunnies. I lost my favourite Wayfarer Rayban ever – my huge Top Gun frames, yes, Tom Cruise at his good times. Don’t ask when o where because I literally have no idea. I guess I lost them in a fitting room when hunting for my graduation dress, which wait, I never showed you right? That’s a post I will soon share with you. But the thing is that I haven’t been in need of sunglasses during London’s winter. Not even for fashion, since it is gray in the mornings and 4p.m. feels like 9 p.m. already.

However, the sun is slightly lighting the Big Ben occasionally and since I was on my way to Madrid I thought perhaps the sun comes out more often. And indeed I had at least one beautiful sunny day, which I spent in its landmark park, Retiro.

While waiting to board this pair named Dior Pondichery winked and I couldn’t resist. It’s a piece from its Spring/Summer 12 collection… New trend: Catwoman. Grrrrr… Do you like them?


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Interview with jewelry designer Sam Ubhi

By September 27, 2011 Interviews

Last London Fashion Weekend I was sniffing around the Somerset House’s tent when I stepped by Sam Ubhi’s collection for the first time. I loved the leather and fringe clutches as well as the rings (I’m ‘ringholic’). She has a very unique style full of silver, colourful stones and casual leather.

I was too curious to met the face behind those creations and as soon as I launched the Interviews page, I thought of having London-based jewelry designer, Sam Ubhi, as one of my first guests, so let’s welcome her!

Find out a bit about her brand, inspirations and how much she travels to import the materials for her designs.

Check out her newly refurbished shop:

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